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MD 28

Flexible Waterproofing Compound

MD 28 is two-component, powder and liquid hybrid polymer-based, a new generation waterproofing coating with crack-bridging capacity, walkable on and high abrasion resistance. It is highly suitable for use due to being not affected by UV and sun, fast drying and easy workmanship. It is applied by brushing, it has high elasticity. It closes capillary and shrinkage cracks on the applied surface. It has high adherence. It adheres perfectly to surfaces like concrete plaster, screed, etc. and does not peel off by time. It is resistant to external weather conditions, mechanical impacts, and abrasion.

Technical Specifications:

Density B comp. (25°C, g/mL) : 0,90 ± 0,10
pH B comp. (25°C) : 7,0 – 9,0
Viscosity B comp. (25°C, mPa.s) : 9000 – 12000
Solid content B comp. (% Weight) : 48 ± 2
Water transmission rate (kg/ m2. h0,5) : < 0,1 CLASS W3
Adhesion strength by pull-off test (N/mm2) : Crack bridging flexible systems without trafficking  ≥ 0,8, with trafficking 1,5 N/mm²
Permeability to water vapour (m) : 5 ≤  SD ≤ 50 CLASS II
Pot life (23°C) : 30 – 40 minutes
Solvent : Water

Positive insulation of walls and floors,
Insulation of concrete, plaster, and screed,
Balcony, terrace, swimming pools
External curtain wall insulation,
Precast and prefabricated elements, roofs.

Surface preparation: All surfaces should be cleaned from foreign objects like oil, dust, dirt, etc. before the application. The surface must be clean and moist. If there are any segregations, voids or need for repair on the surface, they should be filled with ISONEM M 03 elastic mortar. If there are surfaces with adhesion problems, they should be primed with adherence enhancer ISONEM D 10 LATEX and ISONEM MD 28 should be applied while the surface is slightly sticky and before it is completely dry.

Preparation of the mixture: ISONEM MD 28 consists of two components. The first part is component A consisting of powder polymer and hardener and the second component is liquid component B consisting of liquid polymer. B component (10 kg) in liquid form is placed in a clean, sufficiently large container. A component (20 kg) of powder is slowly added to the continuous mixing liquid with the aid of a mixer and gently mixed so that no lumps remain. Mixing should be continued for 5 minutes. At the end of the mixing, a homogenous, brushable mortar is obtained.

Application method: ISONEM MD 28 should be applied in 3 coats. The application process should be perpendicular layers to each other, homogeneously and smoothly with the help of a brush. The wet film thickness should not exceed 1 mm at one layer. It should be waited a min. of 4 hours between the coats and it should not be interrupted for more than 24 hours. The application should not be done in extreme heat or frost, it should be done in the morning or evening cool. It is recommended to use with grout detail in chamfer applications. Tools used should be cleaned with water at the end of the application.

COLOR : Greenish gray
CONSUMPTION : 2 – 3 kg/m² (three layers application) 10 – 15 m² /1 set
PACKING : 30 kg set, Component A 20 kg powder craft bag + B Component 10 kg liquid PE drum
STORAGE : 24 months from date of production if stored in original, unopened, undamaged packages.
Store tightly closed in a dry and cool place