Industrial chemical






These are exceptional industrial chemical made to handle difficulties related with dowsing Class A, B and C flames – ISONEM ANTI MOLOTOV, regularly inundated and high water utilization areas – ISONEM SOIL WATER TRAP, cleaning and eliminating soil’s from pottery, Joint breaks, mortar coatings, metal surfaces, etc – ISONEM NANO-CLEAN. 

Our Industrial Chemicals have demonstrated to have the best outcomes at any point envisioned and durable impacts (like the ISONEM SOIL WATER TRAP which when utilized, is dynamic for around 4 years). Note that they are VERY EASY to utilize.

These are no normal paints. As their names suggest, they are uncommon paints made not exclusively to give defensive covers and beautifying plans to our current circumstance, yet additionally have extraordinary elements like no other paint has. 

ISONEM Special Paints

  • ISONEM MAGNETIC PLASTER – Plaster, On Which Magnets Can Be Placed.
  • ISONEM WRITE and ERASE VARNISH – permits you to utilize your dividers/surfaces as a board with markers. 
  • ISONEM ANTI SOUND PAINT – acoustic paint which is utilized to pause and diminish sounds, is intended to retain and evidence the sound in the most ideal manner. 
  • ISONEM ANTI FIRE PAINT PLUS – It is produced for ensuring structures against fire. 
  • ISONEM ANTI-FIRE PAINT – Fire retardant paint is a non-combustible, flame resistant paint. 
  • ISONEM THERMAL PAINT – Interior-Exterior Heat Insulation Paint 
  • ISONEM THERMAL ROOF – Roof Thermal Insulation Coating 
  • ISONEM MULTICOLOR PAINT – Water Based Multicolor Decorative Paint and many more.

Our waterproofing products are exceptionally versatile and have a break concealing property. They won’t be influenced by sun, snow, downpour and water. Our Products are accessible for all your insulation needs:

Porch and rooftop insulation, Foundation and divider insulation, Water stockpiling tank, pools, decorative pools, Wet room, washroom and overhangs, Walkways, stopping and nursery floors, Parking floors, black-top streets, Factory and stockroom floors, Sloped alum rooftop, rooftop with standing water, Pond and storages, Old or hazardous insulation on them (the film, shingles, tar, black-top, and so forth).

Partake in our wide scope of floor coatings intended to settle various difficulties related to the floor. From acquiring dust free surfaces, ornamental surfaces, waterproofing results, soil adjustment to Resistance to scraped area and different synthetic compounds, climatic conditions, acids and considerably more, ISONEM FLOOR COATINGS has shown to be solid, cost effective and particularly tough.

Enjoy our wide range of spray products designed to solve different challenges associated with the roof and wall. From obtaining dust free surfaces, decorative surfaces, waterproofing results, soil stabilization to Resistance to abrasion and various chemicals, atmospheric conditions, acids and much more, ISONEM SPRAY PRODUCTS have proven to be reliable, cost efficient and especially durable.