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M 03

Waterproof Elasti̇c Repai̇r Mortar

It is a cement-based repair mortar with high elasticity, tightness, adhesion strength and not cracking. It is modified with polymer and fiber additives. It is an extremely resisting repair mortar in the applications which is internal tension low and thick. It is used in concrete repairs, ground preparation before waterproofing, the filling of holes and for chamfers.

Technical Specifications:

Compressive strength (Mpa) : ≥ 10, SINIF R1
Chloride ion content (%) : ≤ 0,05
Adhesive bond (Mpa) : ≥ 0,8
Solvent : Water

· In surface repairings before waterproofing.

· Concrete, plaster and screed repairs.

· Filling of the segregation and the rod holes,

· In making and repairing construction chamfers.

Surface preparation: Application surfaces must be clean and should be dampened before. If there are residues prevent adherence like free particles, dust, dirt, mud, etc. on the application surface, they should be cleaned. Cracks or segregations to be repaired should be trenched at least 2 cm deep. Before application, we recommend that ISONEM D 10 LATEX (200 mL/m²) is applied absorber surfaces with adhesion problems. When Latex applied surfaces are near dry and slightly sticky, ISONEM M 03 should be applied.

Application method: ISONEM M 03 elastic mortar (20 kg) and 4 L of clean water are mixed homogeneously in a plastic container with a 400 rpm mixer. If mixing process will be manually, it should be made in smaller pieces. ISONEM D 10 LATEKS can be added to increase the adherence and water impermeability of ISONEM M 03 elastic mortar. This ratio can be made by adding 1 L ISONEM D 10 LATEX and 3 L water to 20 kg ISONEM M 03. The mixture is applied to the surface by trowel or spraying method. In very hot and very cold weather applications should be paid attention and applications made in extremely hot weather should be humidified at certain intervals.

Color: Grey

Consumption:   : 20 kg/m² (for 1 cm plaster)

1 kg (for 0,5 L space as filling)

Paintable (Coverage) Area:
1 m²/craft bag for 1 cm thick plaster

min. 20 kg/craft for 10 L space as filling

Packaging: 20 KG craft bag

Shelf life: 24 months from date of production if stored in original, unopened, undamaged packages.

Storage Conditions: Store tightly closed in a dry and cool place.