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MS 82

Anti-Moisture Paint
It is a very strong synthetic insulation paint which has been modified by special chemicals and polymers to eliminate the moisture and dampness problems in the interior and exterior walls of the buildings because of natural conditions. It can be applied to any kind of humid or dry walls, painted and unpainted surfaces. Thanks to its excellent alkali and moisture resistance, it prevents the formation of moisture on the walls and destroys if there is any. The adhesion strength in all kinds of surfaces is extremely strong, does not swell, high chemical resistance, it is not affected by UV, rain, water or salt. It is used in interior and exterior walls, in basements, in garages or in cellars, in interior walls facing north and in humid areas. It forms a film layer showing excellent moisture resistance on the surface applied. Even if the paint or wall is humid, it adheres very well to the surface. It is not affected by salt water and efflorescence. Thanks to this feature, it is also used to solve the problem of paint swelling in buildings. While ISONEM MS 82 penetrates into the walls and dries up the humidity inside the walls with the special chemicals in its ingredients. ISONEM MS 82 paints do not cause any side effects on the applied surface.


· Type: Thermoplastic resin based, solvent based, single component

· Color: White

· Viscosity (25°C, mPa.s): 2000 – 4000

· Solid Content (% Weight): 70 ± 2

· Drying time: 24 hours

· Water pressure resistance (0.28 kg/cm): 4psi

Documents of the ProductDOCUMENTS OF THE PRODUCT

· On moist walls, on painted or non-painted waIls affected by humidity

· On the interior and exterior walls of the foundation

· On the walls of the basement floor

· On surfaces and floors coated with plaster, concrete, alum, etc

· In tunnels, on the walls of buildings facing north

· In the elimination of problems arising from humidity and moisture.

Application Video Application Video

Surface preparation: ISONEM MS 82 moisture paint is ready to use, no primer is required. Formation in black color that occurred on walls must be cleaned before application. The application surface may be humid, damp or dry. It can be applied to painted or unpainted all surfaces. If there are swelling parts on the painted surfaces, the application surfaces should be cleaned and a tough surface should be obtained by using appropriate repair mortar.

Application method: Open the ISONEM MS 82 cover from its original package and mix thoroughly for 3 minutes. After the mixing process, it is recommended to apply with a brush, suitable sprayer or especially synthetic epoxy roller without diluting the product to the existing surface. Apply one coat and wait for 24 hours and apply the second coat. The application areas should be ventilated well and also mask, gloves and protective glasses should be used during application.

COLOR: White

CONSUMPTION: 500 – 600 g / m² (2 layers), 1 kg: 1,5 – 2 m²/can, 5 kg: 8 – 10 m²/can

PACKING: 1 kg and 5 kg can

SHELF LIFE: 24 months from date of production if stored in original, unopened, undamaged packages.

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store tightly closed in a dry and cool place away from heat and fire.

IMPORTANT: The surface should be protected from rain, water, mechanical loads and impacts for 24 hours during and after the application.

The application areas should be ventilated well and also mask, gloves and protective glasses should be used during application.