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Anti Radiation Paint

Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding Paint

ISONEM ANTIRADIATION PAINT is a product that acts as a shield against high and low-frequency electromagnetic radiation and at the same time insulates radiation from the area by absorbing the electromagnetic field from media.

· Type : Water-based, single comp.
· Density (25°C, g/mL) : 1.20 ± 0.10
· PH (25°C) : 7 – 9
· Solvent : Water
· Viscosity (25°C, mPa.s) : 3000 – 6000
· Brightness (85 ° angle) : ≤ 10, CLASS G3
· Thinner : Water


GSM 900 MHz frequency band up to 30dB (1000 times power attenuation, 99.9%) has been found to have shielding properties. The average shielding values of the relevant samples are given in the table in the commonly used special purpose communication frequency regions. Decibel and percentage of attenuation result :

· Electric Blanket : 250 V / m · Microwave Oven : 250 V / m · Water heater : 130 V / m · Computer Monitor Front (Scuba) : 25 V / m · Toaster : 40 V / m
· Music Set : 90 V / m · Base Station : 10 V / m · Vacuum Cleaner : 16 V / m · Notebook (Wireless On) : 100 V / m · Coffee Machine: 30 V / m
· Refrigerator : 60 V / m · Iron: 60 V / m · Mixer: 50 V / m · Television: 30V / m · Hair Dryer: 40 V / m · Behind Comp. Monitor (Scuba): 80 V / m
ISONEM ANTIRADIATION PAINT can be used in areas where shielding is needed. Although a very different value is not measured between the grounded and groundless measurement results
of the product, grounded use is recommended if possible.

Documents of the ProductDOCUMENTS OF THE PRODUCT

GSM base stations, TV and radio transmitters, radar, wireless, wireless networks and power lines in the private areas of the interior and exterior of the housing, hospitals, military facilities and nuclear power plants, such as sensitive places, also used in our daily life of electronic goods (TV, radio, refrigerator, iron, microwave oven, washing machine, dishwasher, telephones, etc.) can be used to prevent the negative effects of emitted electromagnetic radiation and to isolate private living areas from electromagnetic radiation

Surface Preparation : Application surfaces must be cleaned of all kinds of oil, dirt, and rust.

Application Method : ISONEM ANTIRADIATION PAINT, ready to be applied, should be applied on one or two layers depending on the shielding efficiency of the desired electromagnetic radiation including walls and ceilings on the interior. The application must be applied to all interior surfaces except the floor without spaces. The application is made with a brush. After the first layer has dried, the end of the grounding kit is plugged into an earthed outlet and the silver wire part of the apparatus is stuck with acrylic paste or plaster . The plaster dry after, it is applied one more layer of ISONEM ANTIRADIATION PAINT. After finishing the application, the top coat can be painted with the desired paint or coated with wallpaper or coating products . This situation does not cause weakening of the properties of ISONEM ANTIRADIATION PAINT.

CONSUMPTION : 1 – 1,5 kg/m² (2 Layers)

PACKAGING : 10 kg plastic bucket. 6 – 10 m² / 1 pastic bucket.

STORAGE : 24 months in original, unopened package, cool and dry environment