Isonem paint & coating is easy to apply, it has perfect adherence. It is epoxy resin base, solvent-free, two component. It has very good penetration, low viscosity and moisture tolerance. It increases the concrete strength by filling the capillary cavities of the concrete floors and acts as an adherence bridge for the epoxy or polyurethane topcoat isonem paints & coatings.


The main fortune in life is wellbeing. On the off chance that the reason for the assistance straightforwardly influences the soundness of the client, it is important to zero in on the work in more detail. Adverse occasions that happen to us automatically in our day to day existence cause a few decisions to be rethought. In this title, we will give more itemized data about dampness and stickiness.

Humidity and Humidity

Stickiness and moistness are a major issue. Stickiness is the causative factor. Dampness happens when the water spring transforms into dampness in shut conditions. It smells horrible and prepares the ground for some medical issues. Bothersome appearances, for example, organism and shape are seen on the dividers of the climate, because of helpless protection, which is the main motivation for the arrangement of sogginess. Dampness isn’t an issue without an answer! This is the place where ISONEM Paints & Coatings becomes an integral factor. All in all, what is ISONEM? How is ISONEM made? We should discuss these at this point.

Isonem / Moisture Paint

ISONEM is an extremely impressive paint, it is likewise unique as far as the fixings it contains. Dampness paint is applied to defeat significant issues like stickiness and moistness. While keeping dampness from framing on the dividers, it can likewise annihilate existing dampness and clamminess.

Where is Moisture Paint Used?

Regions that are inclined to mugginess and stickiness are really clear toward the start. At the point when the structures are overwhelmed, soddenness may show up sooner or later. It is simpler for dampness and sogginess to frame in low places like storm cellars, carports and basements. Moreover, dampness and stickiness can be seen every now and then inside and outside. In such cases, dampness paint ought to be applied right away.


Regardless of whether the divider on which the damp paint will be applied is soggy, it begins to show its impact by hanging on firmly. It isn’t influenced by salt water in any capacity. On account of the extraordinary synthetic substances in it, it figures out how to dry the dampness on a superficial level it is applied to. ISONEM dampness paint is compelling on a wide range of surfaces. It is impervious to synthetic compounds and doesn’t expand.


One of the primary inquiries that ring a bell when it is chosen to utilize ISONEM paint is concerning how to utilize it. This paint, which is prepared to utilize and doesn’t need a preliminary, can be applied to any moist, sodden or dry surface. ISONEM dampness paint, which is one of the main creations of the innovation age, can battle any climate with mugginess and moistness.

Isonem Paints & Coatings

isonem paints & coatings It is a very strong synthetic insulation paint that has been modified by special chemicals and polymers to eliminate the moisture and dampness problems in the interior and exterior walls of the buildings because of natural conditions. It can be applied to any kind of humidor drywalls, painted, and unpainted surfaces.

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